What plant-based eating is NOT

Plant-based eating is a lot of things -- but it is not:

A diet plan

Though you may find you lose weight due to including lower calorie dense foods and by eating more foods that satisfy you and your nutritional needs, plant-based eating isn't a fad diet or weight-loss plan.

Several studies have shown that vegan diets are associated with a reduced incidence of obesity as you tend to eat fewer trans-fats (which are found mainly in processed foods with partially hydrogenated fats), fewer saturated fats (which are found mostly in full-fat dairy and meats), and more dietary fiber.

A plan to treat disease

Though you may experience reduced inflammation and improve some health markers like blood sugar levels and blood pressure by eating more vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole grains, no one can guarantee plant-based eating can treat disease. Your health is likely to benefit, however, when you eat more foods with a high nutrient value, fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Perfect for everyone

Though you may fall in love with plant-based eating, you may find it best for your body and lifestyle to still include animal products at times. Let your goal be to simply try on plant-based eating in the way that it fits your life. Maybe that’s all in, perhaps it’s a vegetarian path that still includes dairy and eggs, or maybe you sub out a meat meal once a day, once a week, or once a month.

A plan for performance

Though you may feel lighter and more energetic and many athletes are vegan, a plant-based diet is not a magic bullet. You still have to put in the work and fuel properly.

A diet that includes only food fit for rabbits

Though you may include more greens, you don’t have to only eat vegetables. Plant-based eating can satisfy cravings, including those for cheese, cream, yogurt, and even bacon. Push your skepticism aside, lean in. Try it on. You might just like it.

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